Have fun exploring the sex-positive culture of our primate cousins!


Our aim is to promote a culture of kindness and compassion. A place to share our dreams and fears, desires and longing. By taking a leaf out of the Bonobos' book, we can begin being playfully creative.

Thanks for a great event.
I had a fabulous time and loved
how you ran the event.
Please keep me posted if you
ever are in the area again.
Much love,
— Steve

We offer a rare opportunity to develop the awareness of bonobo tribe and connection through touch whilst being in human-hood.

Our events are not exclusively about sexual connection (though it's welcome here!), but more-so about tapping into our deepest essence of pure PLAY within a tribe who absolve all potential for disharmony through PLEASURE!

We shall see beyond our ideas around sexuality, we shall share and work through stress and conflict, using games and role-play, pleasuring and sexual playful-ness.

By using physical connection we'll explore new modes of communication.

Play is the most important aspect of Bonobo life.